Serendipity & Black Sand Beaches: A Photo Diary of Martinique

In between work, writing and the woes of commuter life in New York, sometimes we’re granted favor in the form of a flight deal.  Escapism came as a trip to Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique known for its French architecture and breathtaking beaches.  For a passport stamp cheaper than a domestic flight, I was eager to explore new territory despite not speaking the native language.  This presented a barrier when we lost a day because of a misread flight time (completely my boyfriend’s fault) and when we arrived the following day to find out the hotel we booked was on an entirely different island (completely my fault)—providing a great excuse for cramming in adventure-filled days from sunsrise to sunset.

Vibrant, rich colors offsetting an overcast sky was the beauty of Martinique in its entirety: perfectly imperfect.  The weather was amazing, not too hot but warm enough to spend the day island hopping or never choosing to leave the pool.  The volcanic ruins left behind a black sand beach that was perhaps the best organic beauty fix to ever grace my skin.  We frequented Lili’s Beach Bar for a breathtaking view and rum-based concoctions, and took a reggae boat tour that included bat caves and swimming with giant turtles. 

Outfitted in Sabo Skirt, I felt completely prepared to take on any and every day—whether headed to the beach or sightseeing.  Taking a ferry to Point du Bout in a polka dot dress or in a bright wrap dress that doubled as both a cover up and a fierce dancing ensemble showed not only felt confident and comfortable, but perfectly coincided with the island’s picturesque scenery.

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