Top 5 Countdown: Videos with Cameos

Do you know who I am? 
See this is why we could never work out, Nia. 
Do you know who I am?! 
I know, I just said your name, Nia. 
I'm motherf*cking Nia Long, and don't you forget it. 

It seems as though there was an era in music where every major music video had some sort of cameo.  Think back to Lil Kim slow grinding on R. Kelly in "Feelin' on Yo Booty," Anna Nichole Smith on the talk show singing about how she rode a plane for the first time in Kanye West's "Kanye's Workout Plan," or Meagan Good playing 50's ride or die in "21 Questions."  This week, we honor the Top 5 music video cameos of all time.

5. Case - Happily Ever After

Guess what I did today?  Those were the words I said to you.  Beyoncé stars as the lead in Case's video "Happily Ever After" in order to promote Destiny's Child debut project, The Writing's on the Wall in 1999.  

4. Chingy - One Call Away

Rudy Huxtable re-emerged as the ultra sultry Keshia Knight-Pulliam for the first time as Chingy's love interest in the "One Call Away" video.  The video was a focal point for child stars, as it also featured Smart Guy's Jason Weaver singing the hook.

3. Monica & Brandy - The Boy is Mine 

Apparently, Brandy and Monica both turned heads of Money Making Mitch, also known as Mekhi Phifer.  He seemed to miss the first lesson of How to Be a Player: never date two women in the same apartment building.  After staging a Twitter poll, it seems as though 51% of little Black girls across America argued with their older cousins/siblings to sing Monica's part.  

2. B2K - Girlfriend

Omarion didn't even know Jennifer Freeman a week yet before Ron Isley went all Mr. Biggs on him.  Because of the kidnapping, the rest of the B2K clan has to rely on Vivica A. Fox, Flex Alexander, and Will Smith (aka "The Godfather") to rescue the teen hearthrob.  There are still girls across the world waiting to learn that Lil Fizz lesson.

1. Kanye West - All Falls Down

Kanye West is known for staging some of the greatest cameos of all time: Tracee Ellis Ross, Anna Nichole Smith, Pamela Anderson, and Nia Long all graced his videos in the early years.  However, Stacey Dash running through the airport in slow-mo may possibly be one of the most iconic cameos of all time.  Be sure to look at Kel Washington playing the valet, Syleena Johnson playing the flight clerk, and Common who acts as airport security.  

Toi Bly