5 Greatest Music Videos Based on Films


Art often mimics life yet, sometimes, it’s inspired by art. We have actually put together a checklist of the Top 5 video therapies that are based on critically-acclaimed films.

5. Nas— Road Dreams (Online Casino)

Based on the Michael Scorsese film, Nas plays Ace Rothstein, the Gambling establishment owner with a soft spot for his better half that sheds everything in the long run. Your not-so-favorite Housewife, Kenya Moore, plays his leading woman, Ginger Rothstein. Directed by Buzz Williams, the video clip treatment complies with the film’s story to the T. Also the costume direction is area on.

4. Busta Rhymes— Pass the Courvouisier Pt. II (Prairie Wolf Ugly, Harlem Nights, as well as Heavy Traffic 2)

Busts Rhymes, Diddy, as well as Pharrell linked up for the track of the summer and aided enhance alcohol sales everywhere. The video clip most significantly takes after the movie Harlem Nights, involving the altercation between Eddie Murphy’s personality (Busta Rhymes) as well as Della Reese (Mo’Nique) in which he eliminates her pinky toe. The video additionally includes a cameo from Jamie Foxx in which they remake a scene from Heavy traffic 2.

3. Kanye West— Discolor (Flashdance)

The 2016 MTV Video Music Honors was the best platform to debut this video featuring Teyana Taylor in a dance scene that draws inspiration from the 1983 film Flashdance. Though media electrical outlets incorrectly announced that Teyana was a «newcomer,» the video did open doors for other chances like her wonderful Lil Kim tribute. She swiped those 3 minutes of our hearts and also made us all really feel terrible concerning ever slacking off in the health club. The video clip likewise features a cameo from spouse, Iman Shumpert, and also child, Junie. 2. Ashanti— Silly (Goodfellas)

Ashanti struck the ground running with her debut single, Absurd, and the music video that was directed by Irv Gotti himself. This video recreates many scenes from Goodfellas and also makes them appropriate to the hip hop community. As an example, initially of Goodfellas, Harry’s friend is pleading him to find on a dual day due to the fact that his partner’s moms and dads who are Jewish are prejudiced versus Italians. Can you believe that, a Jewish prejudiced against Italians? In the video it’s A Spanish broad with something versus Blacks. Can you believe that? Even after the entire J. Lo as well as Ja thing. This is the date that catapults the troubled partnership in between Henry Hillside (Terrance Howard) and Karen Hill (Ashanti).

1. Busta Rhymes— Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See (Involving America)

Certainly the number 1 needs to go to a Hype Williams aesthetic. This song as well as visual are hardly ever spoken of in today’s world, however I clearly remember being glued to my tv display as a kid trying to reprise all the dances. The video clip is based mainly on Concerning America, starring Busta Rhymes as Royal Prince Hakeem. It uses the opening scene for Prince Hakeem’s birthday celebration where he is living luxurious in his royal residence with females satisfying his every demand he doesn’t even need to raise a finger to comb his teeth. Other than the plot, the visuals and also choreography are unparalleled.

Honorable reference:

Trina— Below We Go Once Again (A Thin Line In Between Love and also Hate)

Ja Rule & & Ashanti— Mesmerize (Oil)

Lloyd & & Ashanti— Southside (A Bronx Story)

What are several of your favorite music videos based upon films?

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