4 Teen Queens We Wanted to Be Growing Up


According to Refinery29, the very best feature of coming-of-age movies is that, «you can enjoy them and obtain a much better understanding of on your own today.» The Breakfast Club, Mean Ladies, as well as Ferris Bueller’s Day of rest are all considered staple American coming-of-age movies as well as are rated on top of outlets like Complicated, MTV, and also the LA times. When thinking of African American coming-of-age movies, Coolie High, Boyz N The Hood, and also The Wood immediately enter your mind every one of which are excellent movies, however fail to push the narrative of entering into Black womanhood. It’s fairly hard to relate to as well as acquire a better understanding of yourself if your tale isn’t informed onscreen. Duties like Jordan in The Best Man, Terry in Soul Food, and the whole actors of Waiting to Exhale showcase females as we know them attractive, smart, and also witty. Nonetheless, how do these individuals come to be if the only portrayals in teen movies concerning Black females include a story centered around adolescent maternity in functions like Our Song, Precious, and Simply One More Girl on the IRT? Although the complying with films aren’t centered around Black women maturing, these 4 teen queens show what we all understand: Black women can be and have actually been It women since the beginning of time.


Played By: Stacey Dashboard

Favorite Line: The computer term [for virgin] is hymenally challenged.

Finest Attribute: Wit

We Desired Her: Storage room & & Funny Bone

Factors We Liked Her: Dionne’s poise and infamous one-liners aided thrust her personality and the motion picture Unaware right into cult classic territory. Although Dionne is a supporting personality in the film, she is no partner. She has her very own cash, ideas of free love, as well as a funny relationship as Murray’s «woman!» Dionne additionally possesses the only storage room to equal her buddy Cher’s in the film. Not even Stacey Dash’s political sights can imperfection Dionne’s place in our teenaged hearts.


Played by: Christina Milian

Favorite Line: Popularity is a work, Al, not an opportunity. It’s just work and also worries. Job to get in. Job to stay in.

Ideal Feature: Beauty

We Wanted Her: Closet

Factors We Loved Her: Paris has every little thing we believed we wanted as teens: elegance, labels, as well as a NBA-draft partner who is wanted by all. She makes the argument that appeal is not all it’s cracked up to be as well as is seeking to lose her Regina George photo for her imagine being the Black Norah Jones. She is able to acknowledge previously many of her peers that likeness isn’t whatever, and what remains in your heart counts for far more than what you own.


Played By: Gabrielle Union

Fave Line: I recognize you do not assume a white lady made that shit up.

Best Characteristic: Management

We Desired Her: Capability to believe on her feet

Factors We Loved Her: The East Compton Clovers have actually been getting the short end of the stick for several years up until Isis joins as the group captain. Time after time, they have actually seen the regimens that they’ve developed win prizes for the much whiter, much lazier Toros squad that might pay for to take a trip the world. Unlike previous Clovers’ captains, Isis is resourceful and locates a means to elevate cash so that her team can complete in the national championships. She is able to lead her team to triumph in Florida as well as bring back the trophy to East Compton, where it truly belongs.


Played By: Lauren London

Fave Line: My name is New due to the fact that I always shake the new, new spunk.

Ideal Attribute: Perseverance

We Wanted Her: Hairstyles & & Customized accessories

Reasons We Liked Her: New ne Erin Garnett shows up on ATL as Rashad’s love passion. However, the good news is for us, her character dives deeper than the showy clothes as well as big smile. She has dreams that reach far beyond her immaculate bedroom at the Garnett home which houses the Picasso that Esquire uses to chastise her. Like most of us, she is an individual that is adamant concerning experiencing the globe for herself. Although her daddy urges that the people from his old community are just difficulty, she discovers through experience that functioning course individuals of that neighborhood (like Rashad as well as Esquire) share goals not as well much eliminated from her very own, however commonly do not have the resources to attain them. She has goals of participating in Spelman University, though her parents are hellbent on her going to an Ivy League organization. We see Brand-new New progression right into her HBCU, her love passion, and her true self throughout the flick and also grow to enjoy her a bit greater than we did in the start.

Who is your preferred Teen Queen and also why?

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