Celebrating 40 Years of Studio 54 through Its Most Iconic Images


Workshop 54 established the criterion for New york city’s fashion scene. Established in 1977 by Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell, the business housed famous acts and expanded with performers like Diana Ross and Poise Jones. Below are several of one of the most iconic images from New York’s best age of nightlife.

Diana Ross Serenading Studio 54 Owners the Evening Before They Head to Prison for Tax Evasion

Diana was the Queen of Studio 54 and, clearly, of the Dancefloor.

Ross dancing with Richard Pryor.

… As well as once again with Michael Jackson.

Bianca Jagger rides in on a white steed for her 30th birthday celebration bash.

Jagger fighting Ross for her dancefloor title.

The apple doesn’t drop too far. A young Tracee Ellis Ross imagined with Naomi Campbell.

Eartha Kitt as well as child, Kitt McDonald, out partying with each other.

Epic Elegance Jones was a routine Workshop 54 partygoer and entertainer.

Model Beverly Johnson sharing a smooch with proprietor, Steve Rubell.

Muhammad Ali taking pleasure in an evening out after shedding the Heavyweight title.

Supermodels Elegance Jones and Naomi Campbell.

James Brown gets cheesy with proprietors Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager.

Ian Schrager, Michael Jackson, and also Steven Tyler.

Bette Midler going crazy over The Lures.

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