'Jellywolf' Starring Lisa Bonet & Kiersey Clemons is Everything We Didn't Know We Needed.

Jellywolf, the short film written and directed by Alma Har'el, encapsulates everything you would expect from i-D and Chanel's digital platform The Fifth Sense.  The visual is representative of the brands and its lead actresses Kiersey Clemons and Lisa Bonet— equal parts ethereal and fervent.  The 8-minute film is set in a mythical DTLA of raining jellyfish and is inspired by the CHANEL N°5 L’EAU fragrance and is described by i-D as a "feminine-spiritual coming of age story."  


The film stars Kiersey Clemons as the eager adolescent yearning to reconnect with her late grandmother and Lisa Bonet, the mystical beauty parlor owner donning a tee that reads "Women Smell Better."  Clemons brings in three of her favorite items— her grandmother's rose, a piece of wood, and a lemon.  It's what Bonet does with the concoction that sends Clemons down a path to find her spirit animal, Jellywolf, along with lessons from the past and an inspiring femme message of togetherness and strength.


"It's a trippy letter to women in a time where our rights are being revoked again.  I want women to see each other and glow in the dark together," Har'el told It's Nice That.  The short film was recently announced as a finalist for the Tribeca X Award.  You can check out some of the visuals below.


Will I remember this?

Your nose will. 

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