Cardi B and Tommy Geez

While Cardi B has dated many men, her relationship with Tommy Geez is far from over. Although they’ve dated for several years, they’re no longer together. Despite their recent split, Tommy Geez is still a very popular figure. After all, he’s out of jail after a string of violent crimes. He even ran over a father and son on the street, jumped out, and then slashed one of the victims in the face.

During her stay in jail, Cardi B reportedly tried to hold Tommy down and made him feel guilty. The two separated and Tommy has admitted to talking to another woman. Cardi recently tweeted about the conversation. Tommy told her he’s dating a Rochester, NY girl, but she’s not ready to let that go. The Rochester trollettes even tried to find her online. They haven’t given up yet, but they are clearly having issues.

In addition to their troubled relationship, Tommy Geez has an interesting past. He was arrested for possession of a firearm, and she planned to wait for his release. The two talked about their future often. After Tommy was released from prison, however, they split. This split came right as Cardi B gained fame. It’s unclear if Cardi B is even still dating Tommy. If they ever do get back together, it will be difficult to ignore the rumors that continue to surface.

While Cardi B and Tommy Geez dated in 2015, their relationship ended in 2016. The pair went on to separate in early December 2016, though Cardi B continues to follow him on social media. In her latest Instagram post, she wrote: “I still think about you.”

After the Season 7 finale of “Love & Hip Hop New York,” Cardi B is enjoying a busy schedule. After securing a record deal, the rapper is sure to be busy. Despite her hectic schedule, Cardi B is still in the spotlight. This makes the upcoming months very exciting for the duo. If they don’t break their silence, we can expect more scandals and drama!

The real names of Tommy Geez and Cardi B are Thomas Green and Toni O’Neil, respectively. They were born in Harlem, New York, but have not revealed their exact dates. Both are of Black ethnicity and practice Christianity. However, they have kept their personal lives low-profile and don’t share too many details about their childhood. This has made them extremely popular on social media.

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