Hip Hop's Dark Twisted Fashion Obsession

It's no secret that hip hop has paved the way for many artists to obtain items that they never had access to before.  Cars, nice homes, and luxury labels have been common themes throughout rap music, setting the standard for brands like Tommy Hilfiger but also creating spaces for Black urban wear brands like Sean John, FUBU, and Phat Farm.  Hip hop's lasting affect on culture is exemplified through the Notorious B.I.G. making Coogi cool after Bill Cosby had donned the brand for years.  And let's not forget about Migos' debut song Versace inspiring J. Cole, Brandon T. Jackson, and DJ Drama to all wear the same Versace sweater to the 2013 BET Awards.  Kanye West, who came on the scene wearing pink polos and a Louis Vuitton backpack, has now transitioned into high fashion with his infamous Yeezy collection after doing his due diligence at the Balenciaga house.  In August, Gucci Mane (who is named after the notorious brand) told Vogue's Marjon Carlos that his favorite brands are Givenchy, Balmain, Buscemi, and Christian Louboutin.  Drake and Ross consistently rap about how they give Chanel bags out like hugs to girls that don't really mean much.  Below are some of my favorite modern day rap lines and videos about fashion.


"Split and go where, back to wearing knock-offs?" - Pusha T, Runway

"You got to break me off, buy this girl gifts of course.  So I look sick in my six with my Christian Lacroix." - Lil Kim, Crush On You

"What do you say me, you, and your Chloe glasses go somewhere private where we could discuss fashion like Prada blouse, Gucci bra, Filth Mart jeans ... take that off!" - Jay Z, I Just Wanna Love U

"I put hoes in NY on to DKNY.  Miami, DC prefer Versace.  All Philly hoes go with Moschino.  Every cutie with a booty got a Coogi." - Biggie, Hypnotize

"We go to SoHo to get you Manolo.  I'll put Chanel on your mojo." - Future, Peacoat

"Pyrex stirs turned into Cavalli furs.  The full length cat, when I wave, the kitty purrs." - Pusha T, Mr. Me Too

"King of Versace, Medusa my wifey.  My car is Versace, I got stripes on my Mazi.  I'm dressing so nicely, they can't even copy." - Offset, Versace

Take off that Givenchy and let's get raunchy ... Since I got salad, I spent it all on dressing.  French, to be exact.  That Balmain was impressive." - Kanye West, Looking for Trouble

"I mean she do be winning, Louis spinnin.  Go to the crib, she got the Gucci linen." - Cam'Ron, Hey Ma

 “The fur is Hermes, shit that you don't floss/The Goyard so hard man, I'm Hugo's boss.” - Kanye West, The Glory

"Now you wanna buy me diamonds and Armani suits.  Adrienne Vitadini and Chanel 9 boots." - Lil Kim, Get Money

 "Yeah my boxer briefs equipped with double G's.  Gucci key chain, holding on my Gucci keys.  Gucci down all the time in the summer time.  I'm Gucci Mane, you would think that was my clothing line." - Gucci Mane, Gucci Bandana

What are some of your favorite fashion hip hop lines?




Toi Bly