As If!: How 'Clueless' Inspired Our Favorite Animated Costumes


It's no doubt that 'Clueless' is one of the most famous cult classics ever— inspiring timeless looks and slang not limited to "rolling with the homies."  The entire premise of the movie harps on the lives of two teenage friends, Cher and Dionne, who are just too damn cool for ill fitting '90s fashion and are trying to navigate from being a virgin who can't drive.  As if.  Costume designer Mona May has perhaps one of the most influential eyes of all time because the staying power of the film is largely due to the costuming.  To celebrate the movie's 22nd birthday, we wanted to point out how the wardrobe direction directly influenced the outfits of two of our favorite animated schoolgirls.

Ashley B. of Recess in Cher's Plaid Skirt


This look is perhaps the most iconic Clueless ensemble, only rivaled by Dionne's red and black topper in the opening scene.  Ashley Boulet of the legendary playground girl gang, The Ashleys, took a cue from the film.  The queen bee ditches the blazer and trades Cher's sleek hair for a wavy blunt bob indicative of her Creole roots.  She does, however, keep the cardigan and high white socks—keeping pulling them a bit higher than Cher's so that only a sliver of leg shows (c'mon, this is elementary school).

Miranda of As Told By Ginger in Dionne's Floral Barrettes 


Dionne often wore flowers to accessorize her braids in both the film and the series that followed.   Miranda's no-tolerance attitude towards As Told By Ginger's protagonist, Ginger, was always coupled by the fact that her outfits were uncontested.  Unlike Ashley B. who donned the same uniform every episode, Miranda's wardrobe was cyclical.  This particular look—choker included—definitely served as a nod to every little brown girl's Clueless shero. 

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