Every Time Lil Kim Rapped About Fashion Labels

Lil Kim's outlandish style and love for labels has been woven in her music since inception.  Her debut album, Hard Core, featured the raptress on all fours propped on top of a bear's head in a Versace emsemble that screams help the bear.  Together with stylist Misa Hylton, the two would go on to inspire generations of urban youth as well as many white male designers.  The custom jumpsuit that Hylton designed at the 1999 VMAs inspired perhaps the most iconic awards moment of all time: the boob flick from none other than Diana Ross.  It's no secret that critics typically don't know what the hell they're talking about when it comes to Black fashion (i.e. Guiliana Rancic saying she feels as though Zendaya smelled of patchouli oil after donning her locs on the red carpet).  Kim's outfit was described as "tacky" and she made every worst dressed list imaginable.  However, Kimberly Denise Jones continued to be daring in her wardrobe and serve us urban-luxe looks—inspiring many iterations of this mermaid look as well as the iconic Crush On You costuming, 20 years later.  Here's every time the diamond cluster hustler name dropped her favorite brands.

"Black Barbie Dressed in BVLGARI" — The Jump Off


"You gotta break me off, buy this girl gifts of course.  So I look sick in my six with my Christian Lacroix" — Crush On You


"Now you wanna buy me diamonds and Armani suits, Adrienne Vittadini, and Chanel 9 boots" — Get Money


 "I used to wear Moschino, but every chick got it.  Now I rock colorful minks because my pockets stay knotted" — Queen B@#$H

 "D-K-N-Y, oh my, I'm jiggy.  It's all about the Smalls and my fucking nigga Biggie" — Player's Anthem


"Rap Pam Grier's here.  Baby drinkers beware.  Mostly Dolce wear."  — Queen B@#$H


"Got my eye on a guy in a Woolrich coat. Don't he know Queen Bee got the ill deep threat?" — The Jump Off


 "He was nice kept my neck filled with ice. Put me in Chanel, kept me out nice." — Not Tonight


 "Now he calling me wifey and he wanna introduce me. Taking me shopping sprees, he wanna buy me Gucci" — Freaky Gurl (Remix)


 "She was cute and mad fly. She had the Prada knapsack with the hat to match. Some Barbie hiking boots with the bubble Goose. And I could see she was admiring my mink ski suit" — Aunt Dot

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