a love letter to katie girls.

Riveting. Alluring. Passionate. Nonconformist. Oftentimes I think with my mouth. I curse like a sailor. My wit is unparalled. Chameleon. I prefer old Italian mob films to chick flicks. I wear my scarf on FaceTime & still conquer sexy. & I will make any Investment Banking/Ball-Playing/Ivy-Leaguing/Hood Politicking man laugh until his ribs cave in.

Disclaimer: This post is not an attempt to bash Simple girls, but rather to uplift Katie girls.

It's okay to be ....... okay.  To not be a distressed damsel.  To not be so consumed with the lives of anyone else that you ultimately lose yourself.  Weak people will attempt to punish you for it.  I won't apologize for their fear of my intellect.

I was once told that I was too complicated, and there were too many stipulations for dating me.  Yes, I can go out with you tonight, but you have to meet me after my scholarship meeting.  Of course I love you too, but I'm moving away to New York for college.  There is a common misconception on behalf of the Hubble's nationwide that a woman pursuing her dreams loves you less, when, in fact, the two are mutually exclusive of one another.  Men are attracted to Katie girls out of curiosity and the challenge that comes with them-- falling in love with her wit and intellect is not always intentional.  Hubbles often end up with less difficult, Simple Girls because they are a conveniency to their lifestyle.  Not necessarily because they are in love.  No need to fret, they will call you at the most inopportune times telling you about all the fun they're NOT having as of lately, after you've already secured your new Katie-loving Bae.  

My personal favorite: You're too much fun to be someone's wife.  Wives are made to be boring.  I'm 21 years old.  Indulging in fun activities after a semester at a rigorous institution is my forte.  Working hard and playing harder should not be left only to men.  Securing economic independence (or planting seeds to get there) before walking down the aisle should not be a radical idea in the 21st century.  Although most men find these characteristics intriguing, many of them find themselves at a crossroads for intimidation.  We should both be working towards making ourselves whole and seeking out our personal interests in our younger years.  Relationships should not be about two 50 percents coming together to make 100 percent, but instead two wholes coming together to make 200%.  Nothing feels better than your man bragging on your accolades to his friends.  Society is moving towards the new-age trophy wife.  Besides, who wants to spend the rest of their lives with a boring partner?  Ain't no fun if your girl can't have none.

I don't believe that you have to compromise your career for your familial life.  The right person will support your career, your ambitions, and the type of love that you have to give.  The best love is inconvenient love.  The kind that you make work for the two of you-- whether it be long distance or balancing responsibilities.  The right mate won't be threatened; your passion and nontraditional ways will not overshadow them, but compliment them instead.  & the most amazing part of it all: they come along and make you feel pity for every Hubble that tried to make you feel bad about pursuing your dreams, and for every Simple Girl who ended up with an insecure man like that.

I want to travel the world; will you be joining me? .. I'm going to law school; will you be there to support me through it? He is for you if he just says, "Yes." with no clause, no stipulations, and no explanations.  But in an equally-yoked relationship, you won't be the only one presented with these opportunities.  His undying support will require yours as well.


"Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed.  Maybe they need to run free until they find someone just as wild .. to run with."

Toi Bly