In HBO's Insecure, there are many questionable relationship moments.  The show serves as a catalyst for conversation surrounding women's infidelity, a topic seldom portrayed in television and film.  We are conditioned to sympathize with women due to stock characters like the cheating male figure and the damsel in distress.  However, we have all been guilty of yssup mismanagement at some point in our lives— either as dumbfound adolescents blinded by love-coated-like or as seasoned lovers learning lessons far too late in the game.  Insecure reinvents the standard stock characters, and introduces terms that are far too relatable.  Molly referring to Daniel as Issa's achilles dick is not only hilarious but makes you think of the lengths we as women go through to secure it.  If you're familiar with the term achilles heel, you know that Achilles was a Greek hero in the Trojan war that was invulnerable in all parts of his body except for his heel.  So think Gabrielle's love for LL Cool J and her transition from hard core to gummy bear in Deliver Us from Eva as, sort of, akin to the term achilles D.  We asked 13 women the craziest thing they've done for or over Achilles D and here's what they had to say:

  • Drove to Canada and paid for housing
  • I stayed awake waiting for a guy to get out of a party that ended at 6am.  He ended up falling asleep before he got to me.
  • Flew to Atlanta but I'm sure that's on everyone's list.  I feel like flying to Atlanta is a rite of passage into hoedom.
  • Skipped a trip to Dubai with someone who was really interested in me to go to Atlanta for my Achilles D.  He later went to Dubai sans me.
  • Bought him mad gifts.  He wasn't my boyfriend, the D had me 'just thinking about you' in the middle of the store shopping for myself.
  • Cut him off for no reason.  The shit that I could potentially do behind the sex scared me.
  • I missed all the poppin shit at Howard my freshman year because I went home almost every weekend for my ex boyfriend who lived at home with his grandma, not working or anything.
  • I ended up knee-deep in his Instagram after our first time.  You know that meme that's like, 'Lurk so hard, you end up back on your own page?'  That was me.
  • I drove an hour and a half each way when I had morning class the next day, let the nigga take 24 hours to reply to my text and still responded.  I wanted the D so bad I didn't even trip.
  • I flew to Dallas to get some and became ole boy's girlfriend for a couple days.  We went half on everything.
  • I drove an hour from college at 3am to see someone who had fallen asleep.  I sent him 15 messages and called him at least 10 times.
  • I kind of made myself his girlfriend without his say.  I didn't want anyone else talking to him or having my Achilles D. 
  • The #AchillesD is real.  He had put it down, flipped it, and reversed it until he decided he couldn't do this anymore.  You can't just pipe me down and leave. So I started coming to his job in radio and they liked me so much they let me join the team.  He eventually got fired and I was offered my own show and a position with Radio One.  I took his job and made his dream job my job.  He started selling candy at the airport.
Toi Bly